Countdown till takeoff
Maggie is on her way to Venice!

A doggie welcome, but no dog

Maggie's departure was delayed again by cold airport temperatures, so Durant flew to Venice with the luggage while Cheryl stayed behind with Maggie while waiting for warmer weather. 

When Durant arrived on January 31, he found a set of dog bowls and two cans of dog food in the kitchen of Maggie's new home on the Corte de la Madona, compliments of a thoughtful (and dog-friendly) landlady and landlord.


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Glad to hear you made it. That's really sweet that they set up everything for Maggie

Pam grimes

It looks like the arrival went beautifully. I am going to miss my 2 dogs when I am in Venice for 8 days in late April, so maybe I will see Maggie.

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