Can a Beardie be excess baggage?

Maggie in Venice

Maggie in Venice Maggie was a Beardie rescue dog from the American Midwest who spent several months a year in Venice, Italy until old age made transatlantic travel impractical.

In this illustrated dog blog, we're chronicling Maggie's experiences--and ours--as part-time residents of Italy's most dog- and pedestrian-friendly city. We're also sharing photos and video clips about dogs (and the occasional cat) in Venice.

Although Maggie died on May 16, 2017, we're keeping this blog online as a memorial and because we think many fans of Venice--and of dogs--will enjoy reading it.

  • Tip: If you're planning a trip to Venice with your dog, be sure to read our illustrated (and comprehensive) Venice for Dogs Travel Guide at

Durant and Cheryl Imboden
Venice for Visitors
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Nancy Peterson

How great that you took your dog with you to Venice! I'm going to Venice in April but dogless. Enjoy.

Norman Miller

Some thing new to see everyday.. love the water scenes ..... norm

Pam grimes

My trip in April to Venice is getting closer. I will missing my dogs at home so I hope I see Maggie. I would rather see her than Angelina Jolie, but if she is with Jonny Depp that will be OK. Pam


I am going to Venice in May. I hope to meet Maggie!

jacqueline farrington


We are also going to Venice in May and hope to see Maggie there!

Can you please tell me how welcomed dogs are in Venice? Can they go into museums and restaurants? Do you know of any nice dog friendly hotels?

Thanks and great blog!

Durant and Cheryl Imboden

It isn't uncommon for restaurants and shops to allow dogs, but supermarkets are off-limits (at least in theory--unleashed dogs sometimes wander in to find their owners). Museums and churches aren't likely to welcome dogs, either.

As for hotels, I'd recommend looking for hotels by location, price, and the other things that interest you and checking the pet policies of the hotels that make your short list. (Hotel listings often say "Pets welcome," "Small dogs," "No pets," or something similar, and if nothing is said, you can either inquire or mention that you have a dog when you make your reservation. What with the recent economic crisis and the impact that the recent volcano eruption in Iceland has had on travel, I'd guess that even the less dog-friendly hotels may be willing to bend a few rules until their profits improve!)


I, too, hope to see Maggie when I visit Venice. I will be leaving my two, Shadow and Tyrant, at home in Canada, and my brother will be leaving his two whippets in Denmark when we meet for a family vacation in September. No walks at 6am is heaven for the first couple of days, but after that I go into doggy-withdrawl!

Casey Goodall

We have been enjoying Maggie's adventures in Venice! We are here this week and hoping to see her along journey. On the Zattere now. Where's Maggie:)


Just got back from Venice. Loved all the dogs. Have a great picture of a couple of german shepards going for a ride Venice style on a boat.


I'm a big dog-lover and adore Venice. Happened to come across this blog. Me and my husband are laughing so hard right now. Loved her quest in trying to find Johnny Depp. What a hoot!!!!! Please keep us posted on Mggie's adventure.Looking forward to it.


Ciao Maggie, credo che siamo vicine di casa. Abito vicino a Calle della Regina. Se ci troviamo in qualche calle, ti offro uno "storto" di panna montata.
Una carezza affettuosa



My greatest passions in life are dogs and Italy so I can't resist Maggie! And I have a rescue dog of my own. Maggie is just awesome. I have passed this blog on to my readers.

Kathy McCabe


Such an adorable dog! Maggie is very lucky to have you as her master. I envy her... I am looking forward to see you in Venice Maggie! Be a good girl!


Aww I'm so sorry. My peanrt's dog is getting up there in age too. He is blind and deaf and has a heart murmur. He wasn't suppose to live past a year and he is about 15 now. I know the end is probably somewhat near but I get so sad thinking about it. I'm going to be a bit of a wreck when he dies. Lots of hugs.


Hi, thank's for this lovely blog.
I live in Venice with two dogs and maybe once we'll meet Maggy :)

jeanne and jerry ashworth

Hi Maggie,
We live in Maine,USA and we have a lovely Beardie by the name of Mia. Last time we were in Venice we saw a beardie and how we missed our two! We hope you will be out and about and hopefully we can see you while we are in Venice.
jeanne and jerry and mia


This is beyond adorable! Hi Maggy! Thanks for sharing this. I would love to take my pooch one day. We visited Venice on a food tour (Food Tours of Venice) a while ago, and thoroughly enjoyed it. My shih-tzu would have been head over heels with the food :)


I was sad to read that your beloved Maggie left for the great beyond in 2017. Not sure you will read this - I’ll send it along, just the same. I am beginning my research for my next great adventure overseas. In 2014, I traveled with my Australian Shepherd, Riley (& his 2 kitty friends) from Portland, Oregon, to live in Ireland, then to the Highlands of Scotland, for 2 years. It was not too long after the 2 countries began allowing pets in without requiring a very long quarantine for rabies. Riley was quite a star, as few of our new overseas friends had ever seen an Australian Shepherd except on television. Once we returned to the States, Riles adventured another year and a half in Montana before saying his goodbyes at the age of 12. My next traveling partner will be Hamish, a rescued Old English Sheepdog, who is now 3 yrs old. We have a little bit of a wait until the world rights itself once again. When it does, we look forward to bringing our canine love back overseas. Your Maggie was beautiful! All the best, Marianne

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