Maggie in the Piazza San Marco during Carnival
Settling in as a cane veneziano

Canine Carnival in Venice

Carnival confetti
The Carnevale di Venezia provides an excuse for the closest thing Venice has to violent juvenile crime: throwing bits of colored paper at strangers, both human and canine. Repressed children, deprived of the opportunity to join youth gangs, go on once-a-year confetti-tossing sprees, and woe betide the hairy dog who gets in their way during Carnival. (Maggie was still wearing confetti in her fur after walking home to the Campo Santa Margherita area from the Piazza San Marco.)

Maggie and acqua alta in St. Mark's Square
Acqua alta, or "high water," made several appearances in the Piazza San Marco before and during the final weekend of Carnival, but Maggie wasn't fazed by it as long as she could stand at the edge of the water where she wouldn't get her feet wet.

People in boots during Venice flooding
 She enjoyed watching the waders...

Drain in the Piazza San Marco
...and she was fascinated by the sight of water swirling into a drain as the flood tide receded.

Bearded Collie at Venice Carnival
But for Maggie, the best part of Carnevale was getting attention from Carnivalgoers.


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