Maggie makes friends (and gets photographed)
Canine Carnival in Venice

Maggie in the Piazza San Marco during Carnival

Maggie at Venice Carnival
ABOVE: "Who was that masked man?"

It's Carnival week in Venice, and today, Maggie checked out what was happening in the Piazza San Marco. She attracted a lot of attention (some people may have thought she was wearing a costume), and she enjoyed making friends with onlookers and costumed participants.

Pigeons in the Piazza San Marco
Feeding the piccione is now forbidden in Venice, but St. Mark's Square still has enough of the birds to make Carnivalgoers leery of unwanted deposits on their expensive costumes. Fortunately, the pigeons kept clear of Maggie, and she stayed away from them.

Maggie and bird man
People dressed up as birds were no more interesting to Maggie than the real thing.

Maggie and child in the Piazza San Marco
Maggie prefers people to pigeons, and she was happy to get acquainted with a little girl who extended the hand of friendship.

Barking dogs at Carnevale di Venezia
Maggie would have been delighted to make friends with this VIP's two dogs if they hadn't been busy yapping at her.

A Bearded Collie at Venice Carnival
When these costumed Carnival participants saw Cheryl trying to take a picture with Maggie in the foreground, the man in the red headdress beckoned in slow motion for the leash.

Dog at Carnevale di Venezia
Another kind couple made the same slo-mo beckoning gesture, and the woman didn't mind having a hairy dog seated on the hem of her dress.

Venice Carnival couple and Beardie
Maggie's day was made when a third couple silently volunteered to hold her leash while Cheryl captured the moment for posterity. (The man also knelt down for the close-up at the beginning of this post.)


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we are spending a month or so in europe in the summer and are going to take our dog with us. she is bella, a very friendly german shepherd but we were trying to find out information about how 'freindly' venice is towards dog visitors. alot of access is by boat? how do you manage with dogs, are they allowed?

Durant and Cheryl Imboden

Dogs are allowed on the water buses (vaporetti) and in water taxis. Spend some time reading this blog, and you'll see just how dog-friendly a city Venice is!

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