Canine Carnival in Venice
It's a dog's life in Venice

Settling in as a cane veneziano

Corte de la Madona Venezia
Maggie is settling nicely into Venice. Here she is with Durant in the Corte de la Madona (or Corte della Madonna, if you prefer the Italian spelling to the Venetian dialect used on most of Venice's street signs).

Maggie in Var-Kennel Ultra dog bed
We've taken her airline crate apart, nested the two halves, and turned it into a dog bed. We were afraid that Maggie would avoid her Vari-Kennel like la peste after her long transatlantic flight, but she's surprised us by using it as a place to drag her toys when she's excited by the prospect of a walk.

Bearded Collie and puppy in Venice
Maggie continues to make new acquaintances--something that's easy to do in a city where most dogs aren't on leashes. (Over the weekend, Maggie somehow slipped out of her collar in the Campo Santa Margherita and dashed toward the Carnival crowd. Durant shouted "Maggie!" and bolted after her, then felt foolish as he realized that there were no cars or buses to run her over.)


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Karen Maxwell

I have truly enjoyed your blog on Venice! Reading about and seeing the photos of Maggie are so endearing! I do hope to randomly see her out and about with you walking while I am in Venice in March. I love animals and I love Venice ~ first time there will be this March but I already know I love it! Thank you for your fun post.

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