Paparazzi payback time in Venice
"Maggie, shake!" (As in "Shaker Heights")

A Beardie's gondola serenade

Venice's popular Gondola Serenade Tour may be schmaltzy, but it's fun, and we'll admit that (to our surprise) we enjoyed it ourselves when we sampled it a few years ago.

Normally, the tour features a singer, an accordion player, and a guitarist. Gondola passengers who take the tour at noon may find that the performers are drowned out briefly by Venice's church bells -- or, less musically, by the protests of a dog like Maggie who doesn't appreciate the sound of clappers hitting bronze. 

In the video below, you'll witness an unexpected serenade by a bedraggled Beardie in a yellow rain slicker as church bells ring and a gondola passes under a bridge:


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