Maggie in a Venice pet shop
A gondolier and his dog

A BFF for Maggie?

Every morning, we walk past a furniture restorer's workshop near the Campo San Barnaba where a young black-and-white dog sits on a perch overlooking the street:

Dog in Venice shop window
The dog often gazes longingly at Maggie, whose reflection can be seen in the display window above.

Venice dog
When the workshop's door is open, the dog usually comes outside to look at Maggie.

Puppy in Venice
The dog (which appears to be a puppy) often follows Maggie down the street, though it acts shy and darts away when Maggie turns and wags.

We're hoping the dog will overcome its shyness and make friends with Maggie one of these days. Maggie likes smaller dogs, and it would be nice for her to find a Best Friend Forever in Venice.


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