Supermarket dogs unleashed
A BFF for Maggie?

Maggie in a Venice pet shop

Venice pet shop
ABOVE: Maggie outside her favorite store in Venice.

Maggie isn't a megamall or supermarket kind of shopper. She prefers specialty stores like our neighborhood pet shop on the Calle delle Botteghe in Dorsoduro, just north of the bridge from Campo San Barnaba that was featured in the movie Summertime

The shop, named "Memei," is where Maggie got measured for her first and only impermeàbile (see "How  much is that doggie raincoat in the window?"), and Maggie often jumps up to look in the display window when we walk by.

Yesterday, when we stopped at Memei to buy dog food, Cheryl grabbed video footage of Maggie's store visit. The  44-second clip below shows just how tiny a Venice pet shop can be, with dog and cat food, pet clothing, leashes, beds, pillows, knickknacks, and other items piled onto the stone floor in a space that's smaller than a typical American kitchen.

The video also shows Maggie lunging for a biscotto that was offered by the store owner. As she put her paws on the counter, Maggie almost knocked over a stack of cat-food cans, but her human companion's rattlesnake reflexes saved the day.


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Jane Simmons

Hi I hope you can help last year while on holiday I visited your lovely shop a purchased a small plastic squeaky sheep. Our puppy loves it, its her baby she carries it everywhere. We have tried to purchase one the same in the U.K. And on line but can not get one. Do you still have them? Can you do mail order? I hope you can help thank you kind regards Jane Simmons

Durant and Cheryl Imboden

I'm sorry, but it isn't our shop, and I doubt very much if it does mail order. (I don't think the owners even speak English.)

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