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Two dogs and a band

At an outdoor snack bar on the Zattere--the promenade that faces Venice's Giudecca Canal--two resident dogs often enjoy barking at passing pets when they aren't napping. 

The video above shows the dogs ignoring a blues band that was entertaining the snack bar's customers a few weeks ago. Fortunately, the dogs were too busy sunbathing to yap at other dogs during the performance.

Note: The snack bar, which is open year-round, is located near the Billa supermarket and the San Basilio vaporetto stop. It's a pleasant spot to enjoy a coffee or a drink before shopping for groceries. (In the video, you'll notice a supermarket customer cutting in front of the camera with two yellow Billa bags.)

Venice's hardworking dog population

In earlier posts, we've suggested that many of Venice's dogs are pampered, and we aren't ready to change our tune. Still, there's no doubt that some dogs in Venice earn their keep, as we show in this photo essay on Venetian canine occupations.

1. Providing security for snack bars:

Dog by Zattere snack bar 

2. Testing pet products:

Dog on bed in Venice
 3. Protecting local shops from shoplifters (and customers):

Dog in Venice shop doorway
4. Sniffing suspicious bottle caps for explosives:

Venice plastic-sniffing dog 

5. Posing as still-life models for artists:

Dog artist model in Venice 

6. Keeping empty chairs empty:
Chair security dog in Venice 

7. Acting as fashion accessories during Carnival:

Dogs at Venice Carnival 

8. Serving as superheroes and superheroines:

Venice dog superheroine 

9. Imitating superheroes and superheroines, like the erzatz Batmen and Wonder Women on Hollywood Boulevard:

Imitation dog superhero in Venice