We know this is silly and sappy, but...
Flying from Venice to JFK

Canine panhandlers invade Venice

Tourism officials are loath to publicize the problem, and newspapers like Il Gazzettino are too busy covering two-legged citizens' peccadilloes to worry about local canine behavior, so we're making it our responsibility to expose a shocking truth:

Venice has been invaded by dogs who demand handouts. 

Political conservatives might say that Venice's doggie panhandlers are a symptom of "entitlement disease," a social virus that flourishes in the welfare state.

Nationalists are quick to suggest that the canine beggars are illegal immigrants who can't even speak Italian, since the command "Ottieni un lavoro" ("Get a job") is usually met with a quizzical look, a blank stare, or a mindless wagging of the tail.

Unlike right-wingers, xenophobes, or people who'll look for any excuse to criticize dogs, we prefer to skip hypotheses and focus on the here and now. The pictures below show the brazen begging behavior that human visitors are likely to encounter during their holidays in Venice:

Pug in Venice
ABOVE: A Pug demands treats from two café patrons.

Dog in Campo San Barnaba
ABOVE: A canine panhandler lies in wait while an unsuspecting tourist approaches the wellhead in Campo San Barnaba.

Bearded Collie in Campo San Margherita
ABOVE: A hungry Bearded Collie eyes the remains of a gelato cone in Campo Santa Margherita, hoping that guilt will force the owner to hand over the cone.

White dog in Venice
ABOVE: Playing the sympathy card, a furry white dog lies flat and pretends to be a Canadian baby seal. 

Dog in Billa supermarket Venice

ABOVE: A dog gazes forlornly at customers in a Venice supermarket, hoping for a handout.


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