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December 2010

Having a ball in the Campiello Albrizzi

Campiello Albrizzi - Venice Italy

Soccer in the Campiello Albrizzi

We were digging through images of Venice from last winter when we ran across these two pictures of the Campiello Albrizzi, where Maggie will soon occupy a flat in the large building at the end of the square.

The children playing calcio in these photos don't seem worried about incoming artillery from Austria, but they may want to watch out for Maggie: Her first (and last) soccer ball died from puncture wounds.

Bearded Collie in a Blizzard



In Venice, people and dogs may get their feet wet from acqua alta in the winter, but at least blizzards aren't a threat. After today's snow dump in the American equivalent of Moscow, Maggie is probably looking forward to her return to Venezia in January.

Mind you, Venice does get snow occasionally (see video clip below). However, Venetian neve tends to be limited in quantity, and--unlike snow in the northern U.S.--it doesn't sit on the ground until spring.