Schiphol Airport's 150-euro "pet tax"
Flying to Venice (with a ride in a water taxi)

Maggie arrives at the Campiello Albrizzi

Maggie (and we) made it back to to Venice yesterday after two flights and a change of planes at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport. The flights and connection were uneventful, although we heard Maggie barking from the hold before take-off at CDG.

Everything went smoothly until we reached Venice Marco Polo Airport and discovered that one of our suitcases was missing. Durant had to wait in line three full hours to file a claim. (At least 20 other people--many from the same flight--were also missing bags, and each had to provide a long list of details (including such esoterica as frequent-flyer numbers) before the claim could be submitted.)

We'll post a video of Maggie's air travels in the next day or two, but in the meantime, here are four snapshots from our arrival in Venice:

  Venice Marco Polo Airport baggage claim
ABOVE: Maggie and Cheryl kill time while Durant stands in line at Venice Marco Polo Airport's lost-baggage office.

Maggie in a Venice water taxi
ABOVE: Maggie and Cheryl enjoy a 100-euro ride by water taxi from the airport to the sestiere of San Polo in Venice.

ABOVE: Having survived the transfer from the water taxi to dry land (a process that involved two people hauling a reluctant dog from ship to shore), Maggie stands by her crate on the Fondamenta della Riva dell'Olio.

Ca' Albrizzi
ABOVE: Cheryl and Maggie pose by the front door of Ca' Albrizzi, our home for the next few months.


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