Flying to Venice (with a ride in a water taxi)
Maggie gets a walk-on part

Shopping for bread, dog food, and free treats

Campo San Toma bakery

ABOVE: Maggie and a companion visit their favorite bread shop in the Campo San Toma.

Today, Maggie (and we) visited two of our favorite shops in Venice:
  • A tiny bakery in the Campo San Toma, which sells excellent ossi rolls in a town where good bread can be hard to find, and...
  • The Memei pet store near the Campo San Barnaba, where dog food is expensive (as it is everywhere in Venice) but the people are friendly and Maggie nearly always gets a treat or two while we're counting out our euros. (Memei is also where Maggie was fitted for her first--and, so far, only--doggie raincoat).
Here's a video that shows how many things, including customers, can be crammed into a minuscule Venetian pet shop:



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