Maggie gives the sniff test to Johnny Depp
Maggie makes the front page of LA NUOVA

Maggie is interviewed by a Venice newspaper

Maggie with Francesco Furlan of LA NUOVA DI VENEZIA E MESTRE

ABOVE: Maggie enjoys a pat from la Nuova reporter Francesco Furlan, who has a dog of his own.

Today, Maggie was interviewed by a journalist from a newspaper, la Nuova di Venezia e Mestre. The reporter, Francesco Furlan, ran across this blog during a Web search on another topic and now claims to be a "Maggie fan."

Maggie didn't have much to say, because she was too busy wagging and angling for pats to engage in conversation.

However, Maggie did pose for photographs--including one on top of the pozzo shown above. (The photographer asked us to lift her onto the wellhead and pose for a family photo. We complied, silently thanking our good judgment in not adopting a Newfoundland or a St. Bernard.)

Here's a short video of Maggie cooperating with la Nuova's photographer back on the ground--or, rather, the paving stones--in the Campo San Polo, which is near our temporary home in the Campiello Albrizzi:



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