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February 2011

A Bearded Collie behind bars

From seeing Maggie's forlorn expression in the pictures below, you might think that Durant was arrested for drunkenness during a dog walk, or that Maggie was jailed for sneaking treats at the Memei pet shop.

Fortunately, the real explanation is more benign:

The bearded twosome were watching our 3-year-old grandson Jack from the street alongside the gardens of Ca' Rezzonico, a.k.a. the Museum of 18th Century Venice. The gardens are open to the public, and they include a tiny playground for young children.

Maggie at Ca' Rezzonico

Maggie behind bars

Maggie meets up with some old friends

Dogs in Campo Santa Margherita

ABOVE: Pongo (left) eyes Pepita and Lolita in a Venice campo.

This morning, Cheryl was walking Maggie when they ran into several old friends: Pongo, whose owner always carries a supply of biscotti for the dogs she encounters; and Pepita and Lolita, who lived in the apartment above ours last winter.

Maggie was happy to see Pongo's owner (she always licks her lips when she encounters the lady). She was also pleased to see Giulia, who--with her husband Alberto--adopted Pepita and Lolita after the two pups were found abandoned in the port a few years ago.

You may have noticed that all three dogs in the photo are wearing coats or sweaters. In Venice, large dogs go naked, but smaller dogs tend to wear clothing during the cooler months. (Maggie's fur coat is built in, so she paws through her wardrobe only when it's raining hard enough to wear her yellow nylon slicker.)

Maggie makes the front page of LA NUOVA


ABOVE: Maggie admires photos of herself in a Venice newspaper, la Nuova di Venezia e Mestre. INSET PHOTO: Francesco Furlan of la Nuova poses with Maggie in the Campo San Polo.

Francesco Furlan with MaggieMaggie is on the front page of la Nuova's Sunday edition, with a nearly full-page article and sidebars on page 21 headlined "Una vita da cane tra calli e campielli: La avventure di Maggie nel blog di una coppia americana che vive in città" ("A dog's life between calli and campielli: The adventures of Maggie in the blog of an American couple who live in Venice.")

The newspaper stories, by Francesco Furlan, describe Maggie's adventures in Venice (including Maggie's first encounter with acqua alta and her hunt for Johnny Depp during the filming of The Tourist.) 

You can read a somewhat clumsy Google machine translation of la Nuova's main article by clicking this link. Here are pictures of the front-page teaser and the illustrated Maggie coverage inside the paper:

La Nuova di Venezia e Mestre

LA NUOVA - Venice newspaper story