Lost in the crowd at Venice Carnival
Maggie at Harry's Bar

Maria from Florida meets Maggie


ABOVE: Maggie lunges for the lens (or possibly a passing dog) while Maria hangs onto her leash.

by Durant Imboden

Cheryl and Maggie were walking in the Calle dei Preti Crosera today, near the Scuola Grande di San Rocco and the Frari Church, when they heard a woman calling "Maggie?" 

The woman approached and introduced herself as Maria from Florida. She said that she had four large dogs at home, and she'd been reading this blog--and our travel-planning site, Venice for Visitors--in preparation for her trip. (In fact, she posted a comment here a few weeks ago, saying "Maggie is adorable. I will be in Venice in March and will be watching for Maggie.")

Cheryl reports that Maria is a "very friendly, dog-loving lady," and we're grateful that she posed for a photo with Maggie.


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It was a delight to meet both Cheryl and Maggie while lost in the streets of Venice. Cheryl also took a good photo of Maggie giving me a Venetian doggie smooch, which I just posted on my new blog at http://travelmariag.blogspot.com/
Thanks again to the "three of you" for your helpful information on Venice.

Maggie Joy

Hi, I wanted to know if Maggie will be in Venice in August, since I (Maggie from California) will be visiting Venice for the first time and would love to meet Maggie the dog. And my grandaughter would like me to take a picture because she loves all dogs.

Durant and Cheryl Imboden

Unfortunately, Maggie won't be in Venice during August. (Or maybe I should say "fortunately," since August is likely to be uncomfortably warm for a long-haired dog like Maggie!) But tell your granddaugher that we and Maggie appreciate the thought. :-)

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