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Maggie, meet Phoebe

Phoebe on agility course

ABOVE: Phoebe goes all out on an agility course.

Recently, we received an e-mail from Patricia Cole of Palmetto Bluff, South Carolina and Isle au Haut, Maine that read:

"Dear Cheryl and Durant - I was wandering around the internet looking for something about Venice, can't recall what, and up came 'Maggie in Venice' and there staring back at me was a Bearded Collie who looks quite like my Beardie, Phoebe.

"We are going to Venice (5th trip) next month, alas sans Phoebe, and I am sorry that it sounds as if Maggie will not be in residence during our stay. We have rented an apartment in Santa Croce, a new area of the city for us, and are greatly looking forward to our trip. Anyway, I am jealous of all your time in Venice, with your dog, and wanted to say hi! Phoebe photos attached. "

Phoebe looks like an adorable dog, and we couldn't resist sharing her photos with you. Here's a picture of Phoebe in the snow, plus an image of Phoebe showing her maternal instincts with a stuffed animal (something that Maggie also likes to do):

Phoebe in snow

Phoebe with stuffed animal

Photos: Patricia Cole