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A Dachshund crosses the Grand Canal

In Venice, dogs are welcome just about everywhere. They wander without leashes in the city's calli and campi, sit with their owners in restaurants and bars, enter most shops (except supermarkets, where they're usually tied up inside the entrance), and ride water buses and water taxis.

Many local dogs don't mind hopping in and out of traghetti, the gondola ferries that cross the Grand Canal. Here's a sequence that Cheryl photographed at the Campo del Traghetto in San Marco, where a boat was about to cross the Grand Canal to Dorsoduro:

Dachshund in Venice

ABOVE: A lady and her Dachshund approach the Traghetto Santa Maria del Giglio pier.

Venetian Dachshund

ABOVE: The Dachshund, seeing a paparazza, strikes a profile pose.

Dog boards traghetto in Venice

ABOVE: The lady and her dog board the waiting traghetto.

Dachshund in traghetto gondola ferry

ABOVE: One of the oarsmen (in the white baseball cap) can't resist giving the Dachshund a pat.

Dachshund on Grand Canal

ABOVE: The dog makes itself comfortable among the human passengers and their gear.

Dachshund on Traghetto Santa Maria del Giglio

ABOVE: The Dachshund and its fellow passengers enjoy the short voyage to the opposite bank of the Grand Canal.

  • Tip: For more information about riding traghetti in Venice (including prices), see our Venice Traghetto article at
Photos: Cheryl Imboden.

Maggie auditions for a job with Johnny Depp

Maggie the Bearded Collie

ABOVE: Maggie sports a girlie version of U.S. Secret Service sunglasses.

Maggie is still obsessed with Johnny Depp, who continues to ignore her whimpering requests for an e-mail. Still, she refuses to give up hope: Now that Johnny owns a palazzo in Venice, Maggie is confident that her skills will lead to a job as a bodyguard for Johnny and his family.

As a herding dog, Maggie is ready to keep Johnny's kids from wandering off, and she can nip at the heels of any paparazzi who make nuisances of themselves.

So how about it, Johnny? E-mail maggie (at) when you're ready to add a celebrity service dog to your retinue.

Photo: Thatcher Imboden