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Meg, the souvenir seller's dog


ABOVE: Meg stands (or, rather, lies) watch over her domain.

Over the years, Cheryl (sometimes accompanied by Maggie) has bought t-shirts and other gifts at a souvenir cart in the Campo delle Beccarie, next to the Pescaria  or Fish Market on the San Polo side of Venice's Rialto Bridge.

Recently, Cheryl stopped by the cart to buy more t-shirts for our grandchildren, and she remembered that the lady who owned the kiosk had once mentioned having a dog.

When Cheryl asked about the dog, the lady took her around the cart and pulled a drawer open. Inside the drawer was Meg, her nine-year-old canine companion. Cheryl couldn't resist taking photos, and here's a selection:


 ABOVE: Meg and her owner show off their stall near Venice's Fish Market.


ABOVE: Meg, the ever-watchful watchdog, sniffs Cheryl's shoes before allowing her to touch the merchandise.


ABOVE: Having satisfied herself that Cheryl isn't a shoplifter or cat, Meg settles back onto her watchdog's  shelf.


ABOVE: After Cheryl makes a purchase, Meg says "Thank you" by licking her hand. (The thanks were mutual: Meg's owner's prices are fair, and the lady has always given Cheryl a discount for multiple purchases.)

Need a t-shirt, scarf, apron, or other souvenir made of fabric?

The teardrop-shaped red marker shows the location of Meg's--and her owner's--souvenir cart. You can zoom in on the map (and drag it, if necessary) to see the walking route from the Rialto Bridge:

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